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Back to Basics: Android App Development

A little over a year ago I designed a cross-platform mobile experience for an enterprise level client. To design that experience, I did what any technically minded experience designer would do; I downloaded all of the relevant SDK’s and tinkered with the various UI builders. That brief introduction helped me achieve my design goals. This

Smartphone Downgrade & Communication Questions

I have been an Android user since December 2009. Since then I have owned the Droid Eris, Droid Bionic and the Droid Razr M. I got the Razr M few weeks ago and it’s a great phone.  Prior to the Razr M, though, I was (it feels really weird and confessional saying this) a Blackberry

New York Times: Election 2012 App for Android

After reviewing the Pulse new aggregation app, I reviewed the New York Times’s 2012 Election app. The review was done on an Android device that ran Gingerbread 2.3.4. The device also had a qHD display (960×540). What was interesting about this application is how the paywall was implemented. I would be curious to find out

A Visual & Heuristic Review of Pulse for Android

I have long been interested in digital news experiences. I was a Teaching Assistant for a computational journalism class. My masters thesis focuses with news. So, from time to time I like to keep myself informed of how mobile new services are evolving. To that end, I did a review of the Pulse Android application

Microsoft Surface & Android

If you ask most people today about tablet’s, the first thing they’re likely to think about is the iPad. While Microsoft’s recently announced surface tablet has generated a lot of buzz on tech websites, they’re going to have to introduce it to customers in a few months. So there’s going to be a big marketing push