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The Next Web & Benton Sans

The Next Web recently launched a redesigned web experience. There are many aspects of the redesign one can comment on. For instance, the new site is responsive, clean, and performs fast. The decisions that were made to achieve the overall reading experience, though, is where the site succeeds.

Benton Sans is the typeface selected to render content and it’s beautiful. On my display, the characters are rendered at 16px with a line height of around 29px, which gives the text ample room to breath. There is a great deal of proportionality between character width’s and height’s and the treatment of the article titles evokes a sense of elegance.

My only gripe is with the treatment applied to actionable items. Given the use of the red background color and iconography, the bolded text on buttons seems excessive. See for yourself:

Screen Grab from TheNextWeb's website.

There also seems to be a lack of consistency with actionable bolding. For instance, clicking the “follow us” button in the header will reveal a menu. The treatment of the submit button on that menu does not seem to be bolded. Take a look:

The Next Web: Menu

Beyond those two minor items, the typeface treatment is great. The redesign was partly motivated by a desire to create a “beautiful reading” experience. They have largely succeeded.